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Let Spurt turn your idea into a business.

About Spurt... 
The world is not an easy place for ideas. Many of us have revolutionary business concepts without the means to turn them into a world changing business. At Spurt, we help turn nothing more than your 'idea' into a business. And here's the best part - it's free to do!

What We Do

How Spurt makes your 'idea' a reality...

Our Community

Our community of revolutionaries is at the heart of what we do at Spurt. From people with nothing more than an 'idea', to business moguls with a strive to make an impact - Spurt is home to innovation from whatever avenue it may come from.

Here is some of the latest from you guys...

Finding Co-Founders

Ideas are crazy and wild things. However, expecting to create a business from an 'idea' on your own is an impossible feat for many. At Spurt, our community-driven platform enables you to find co-founders for your start-up. Who knows? You might just find the Wozniak to your Steve Jobs...

Receive Capital

We publish fundraisers on Spurt for qualifying individuals, allowing you to receive equity-free funding to create your business - no strings attached! We only keep 5% of donations to pay for transaction fees.

Here are some of our most recent initiatives...

Personalised Business Consulting

Spurt offers personalised business consulting to those seeking one-to-one support. From teaching you the technicalities of start-ups to connecting you with facilities local to you - we help you to build a solid foundation for the idea that you want to create! We charge a small fee, just to keep us running.

Let's create your idea.

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