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Spurt provides impactful ideas and businesses with a platform for equity-free funding. This means that individuals that we approve will receive a free crowdfunding campaign, written by a member of the Spurt Team. Of the proceedings, we keep 5% to cover transaction fees - the rest is for you to keep!

Sealed With Spurt's Approval...

To ensure that donations offered by the public are going towards the most earnest of causes, we only fundraise for ideas that we approve. Once you receive your funding, we will continue to check up on you and update donors on your progress.

Ready To Apply?

If you feel you're ready to apply, fill out the form below. Remember, we're looking to campaign for driven individuals who are likely to make an impact. Don't worry, if you're not accepted this time, you will receive advice on how to improve going forward.

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Thanks for submitting! We'll Be In Touch Soon.

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