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Spurt FAQ

Got a question? See our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

  • How does Spurt help ideas and businesses?
    We provide four main services to individuals who are interested to 'make their mark' in the world of business. From people with nothing more than an idea, to seasoned business professionals wanting to expand their 'business potential', Spurt has a service for you! The four main services that we offer are comprised of: 1. Community - We provide a free platform for budding business enthusiasts to ask questions relating to their idea or business, meet like minded individuals, posting business ideas for community feedback and more! 2. Co-founders - Spurt offers the facility to access and reach out to every single member of the Spurt Community in request for support to aid any personal business ventures you may be looking to explore. Use wisely! 3. Funding - For qualifying businesses that meet Spurt's standards, a member of our team will be in touch and organise a crowdfunding campaign on our website to fund your idea or business venture. Funding will be equity-free and in the form of donations. We rely on our community's generosity and your ability to share your campaign to receive your target amount. We take 5% to cover all transaction fees along the way - you keep the rest! 4. Consulting - We offer personalised business consulting for as little price as a cup of coffee! Tailored and bespoke to your needs, a member of the Spurt Team will work closely with you in order to reach your business goals! Explore our website to find more!
  • Is Spurt free?
    Yes! However, whilst nearly all of our services are completely free, we do charge the following costs for certain services: 1. 5% of Funding Donations - We keep 5% of what your campaign raises. This is just to cover the transaction costs that we encounter! 2. Personal Consulting Services - We charge a very modest amount for consulting services that we offer and these costs vary on a case by case basis. Don't worry though, we won't break the bank!
  • Can I withdraw my funds from my fundraiser at any time?
    Of course you can! It's your money and yours to keep to make an impact with. Once we have your fundraiser sorted, you can contact us at any time to collect your funds. We will try our best to issue it to you within 10 days.
  • I have nothing more than an idea, can Spurt still help me?"
    Yes! Ideas are very powerful things to have and we feel that their impact is often underestimated. At Spurt, you can access ALL of our services with nothing more than idea. All ideas are worth listening to. Here, we offer a platform to make your business thoughts heard!
  • Is Spurt hiring volunteers?
    Absolutley! Want to help out at Spurt? Just get into contact! We're always looking for help - and there's no better opportunity to volunteer than such a budding and thriving movement like Spurt!
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