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Receive Funding

Spurt provides a funding platform to those with ideas that we know can make an impact. Powered by the generosity of our community, we give opportunity to the most promising ideas. Why not see our initiatives below? Perhaps even donate to a cause that you want to be a part of...

How Spurt Funding Works

Funding is often the greatest barrier between revolutionary business ideas and their execution. Here at Spurt, we select applicants based on a range of criteria and feature the most innovative and impactful ideas on our platform - then rely on your generosity to bring them to life...

Learn About Funding

Want to submit your idea for funding?

Don't feel discouraged by the mention of 'criteria' and 'applications', all we ask is you to fill out a small form and we try our best to get back to you with an outcome within a week. We accept most people who apply and to unsuccessful applications we offer free advice on refining your idea. So it's a win win for you!

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