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Let's Help 'Bookly' Raise £1000!

Bookly: A Revolution for Aspiring Authors in a Digital Age:

Hailing from the East Midlands, James Cheng is an 18 year old with a vision: to

revolutionise the world of literature by empowering aspiring authors with a universal platform to promote their material digitally. Likening the concept to a 'SoundCloud for books' - James intends on using Bookly as a means to liberate literature as a form of expression, with a sustained focus on intellectual autonomy and property throughout. Now with your help, James wishes to raise £1000 to put his vision into practice - to outsource production of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to pitch his idea to investors.


As books make a shift towards digital forms, Bookly aims to be at the forefront of this transformation...


The Path to £1000:

As much as £1000 remains a modest sum for the production of such a large scale development, this fundraiser remains at but the start of what James has 'roadmapped' for his startup. Intended to only liberate the monetary constraints behind the production of an MVP, this initial investment into James' startup remains the most crucial. This £1000 will propel James towards a much more mature stance when pitching his idea to leading seed investors, for which he anticipates an exchange in equity.

With societal empowerment at the forefront of its motive, Bookly is a start up that is garnering its humanitarian motive and spearheading its objectives with charity in mind.

We, at Spurt, thought that Bookly was therefore a brilliant applicant for funding and we are now pleased to be working as partners with them!


Bookly has 'stood the prerequisite tests' of Spurt - we are adamant that this startup has a prolific impact to revolutionise!


Help Bookly Now!

Are you able to offer Bookly the support that they are yearning for, at this stage?

If so, please fill out your details below and help Bookly achieve its goals! We are eager to support James and his idea - we truly believe that James has the potential to do something great and make the impact that he wants to make. Let's not let financial constraints prevent him from achieving this wonderful impact!


Thank You for Helping Bookly!

From the very bottom of our hearts, Spurt and Bookly thank you deeply for assisting us on making this phenomenal impact possible! At the bottom of all of this lies an extraordinary individual with a huge potential and insatiable appetite for success. Bookly aims to democratise the world of literature, offering this crucial right of expression to all that will make use of this fantastic service.

As ever, all donors to this cause will be kept up to date with the key happenings at Bookly! We have no doubt that James is going to do amazing things with this wonderful idea - great happenings are ahead!


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Amandeep Nagra
Amandeep Nagra
Jul 23, 2020

10% of our goal in just 1 day! This is fantastic!

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