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The Crisis Project: Let's Raise £100!

The Crisis Project: 'Letters for the NHS':

As the war against the virus wages on, the spirit and humanity of mankind is more prevalent than ever! Soumya Kumar, Founder of The Crisis Project, is testament to this - with her most recent and flagship project: "Letters for the NHS" providing a new and innovative way to offer a personal message to the carers that are at the forefront of our battle against the pandemic. Now, with your help, The Crisis Project are looking to raise £100 to help them achieve their most critical goals...


Soumya leads The Crisis Project, currently seeking to write 'Letters for the NHS'


The Journey to £100...

The Crisis Project is currently seeking £100 to focus on being able to achieve the following goals:

  1. Provide Physical Letters to the NHS: The Crisis Project, currently functioning as a Non Profit Organisation, is striving to amplify its impact through providing physical letters to the NHS in place of electronic ones. For this to be a possibility, The Crisis Project will need to fund a PO Box to provide 'tangible mementos of support' to NHS staff who need them more than ever before. With your help, The Crisis Project can achieve this.

  2. Develop and Accelerate the Brand: 'Letters for the NHS' is currently in very early stages. To help Soumya and her team of volunteers maximise their impact, The Crisis Project needs to employ a range of measures to expand their digital and physical presence. From website upgrades to marketing support - The Crisis Project is striving to receive funding to get this journey started!


The Crisis Project yearns for £100 to achieve key goals in their development


Help The Crisis Project Now!

Are you ready to help Soumya and her team of volunteers achieve their goals for this wonderful project?

If so, kindly donate by filling out your details below. Every donation means the world to Soumya and her team who are tirelessly working to support the UK's NHS staff who are desperately defending us against the whim of this global tragedy. Let's help The Crisis Project reach their goals as an organisation now!


Every donation will contribute to enabling Soumya and her team to excel


Thanks for helping The Crisis Project!

As we have said, every donation goes miles in helping The Crisis Project achieve its goals that are currently so monumental to their impact. The world is currently in a state of darkness, with tragedy and pain in every facet of our present existence - The Crisis Project is a beacon of light that are truly guiding the way towards a much more fruitful future.

With pressure on our key workers proliferating as time goes on, let's all get together - donate - and assist The Crisis Project to reach these aspirations and distribute their impact to those who need it most: the NHS staff at the forefront of out battle with this 'invisible killer'.



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