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About Spurt

Want to know a little more about Spurt? Here's a little insight into our story and what goes on behind the scenes...

How Spurt Began... 

Spurt is a platform that has been created out of a deep rooted frustration that many of us encounter in our lives: the desire to make an impact, without the support to be able to do so. Spurt was created to offer a platform to the public to make this impact. As ever, the best part is that we give as much of it away as we can for free.

Our Founder

Spurt was created by Amandeep Nagra, aged 16, who after selling his first business at the age of 15 became increasingly disgruntled by the lack of accessible support available to individuals with revolutionary business ideas, without the knowledge or facilities to create them...

Amandeep Nagra, Founder - 

"I created Spurt to help the revolutionary. To fuel the spirit and essence within us all that is fundamentally driven to change the world around us. I wanted to enable this basic right to be ignited  - regardless of background. Spurt is a 'force of liberation' more than it is a business."

The Community Makes Spurt What It Is

Spurt is only able to have the impact that founder, Amandeep, was yearning for through the community that makes Spurt hosts. It is an honour to provide our service to the community of budding business enthusiasts out there that provide Spurt with its purpose. 

"It is a sense of gratefulness that I have, as the creator of Spurt, to the community that has offered Spurt a 'power to empower'. It is with this humility that I make my pledge to you - Spurt will always endeavour to provide its free services to those who want to make an impact. We want to be the platform for anyone and everyone to equip themselves to shine".

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